Expert Witness

Don Keysser, Managing Principal of Hannover, provides expert witness services for civil and criminal litigation, in the areas of:

  • Municipal and corporate investment banking
  • Project financing
  • General standards and procedures in investment banking, project financing, credit review and analysis, and underwriting and sale of securities
  • FINRA, SEC, and MSRB regulations and rules
  • Due diligence and disclosure
  • Credit review and analysis; credit rating
  • Commercial lending and leasing
  • Financial analyses, cashflow proformas, and feasibility studies
  • Corporate valuations
  • Financial damages analysis
  • Credit Damage Measurement
  • Business finance; fraud and bankruptcy
  • Business development and capital planning
  • Real estate development and financing
  • Urban economic development

We provide expert witness services during pre-trial discovery and analysis, for deposition and trial or arbitration, and for post-trial settlement negotiations.

Don Keysser, Managing Principal at Hannover, has testified at deposition and in jury trial, on over thirty seven cases.


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