Hannover Ltd. provides strategic advisory services to assist you in maximizing the value of your business by offering a full range of business finance and growth consulting services, including consulting on growth planning, corporate finance investment banking, project financing, international expansion, and M&A .

Our goal is to assist you in growing and financing your company, and building value, at all stages of your company’s life cycle: start-up, growth, turnaround, international expansion, and M&A.

As a business owner and decision-maker, are you:

  • Planning to grow your company, or start a new venture?
  • Looking for growth capital to expand your business, or to refinance and recapitalize your company?
  • Considering a merger or acquisition, or business sale?
  • Concerned about declining revenues and profits, or unsure about the sources of your profits?
  • Evaluating or starting a major corporate or real estate project?
  • Considering the feasibility of expanding into international trade, or a cross-border M&A?

We focus primarily on small-medium size companies in technological areas; examples include:

  • General manufacturing
  • Automation; specialized manufacturing
  • Machine building and repair
  • Life sciences and medical technology
  • Clean energy; biogas; solar and wind energy

We serve the domestic U.S. market, and the EU market, and transatlantic expansion and trade.

We are Hannover Ltd., a partnership of experienced professionals who provide a broad range of growth and financial management consulting services, implementation services, and corporate and project financing services.

Hannover offers a free, no-obligation and confidential assessment of your company. Based on this preliminary analysis, you will receive a proposal from us specifically identifying and addressing your needs and issues, as well as defining our initial recommendations, services, work products and compensation.