Recent Projects

Automation Machine Building Company:
Turnaround consultant; part-time CFO; recapitalizing company; developing balance sheet restructuring, spin-off of subsidiary, and transfer of ownership; developed Return-on-Investment analytical tool to assist sales staff in marketing high-end capital machines; co-managed conversion and implementation of enterprise resource management software; managed D&B monitoring; assisted in developing capital budgeting process.

Summit Machine Inc

Digital Document Technology:
Financial consultant and interim CFO for Swedish company specializing in digital document scanning and management technologies; assisted firm in relocation from Sweden to the US, including obtaining capital, coordinating move, developing strategic partnerships, and establishing financial management systems.

Spear Imaging

Biogas company in Finland:
Providing consulting services; assisting in entry into the U.S. market; conducted feasibility study and assisting in identifying strategic partners.


Plastics Manufacturing Company:
Business growth consulting, financial consulting, and project financing services; $8 million project financing for new manufacturing facility.


‘Green’ Building Materials Company:
Financial consulting; private placement services; assisted in raising preferred equity and debt through institutional investors.

Vast Enterprises LLC

German medical technology firm:
Assisting in gaining market entry into Canadian and U.S. markets.

Manufacturing Firm:
Assisted in gaining presence in EU through warehousing/fulfillment services and independent sales reps.

Economic Development for State:
Consulting services to German state (Länd) for economic development.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturer:
Growth consulting; project financing; established private-label leasing program.

Bioenergy Company:
Financial consulting and investment banking services.

Medical Device Firm:
M&A consulting services; turnaround consulting.


Medical Diagnostics Firm:
M&A consulting and transaction funding services; project analysis; obtained senior and mezz debt funding.

Internet Technology Firm:
Assisted in raising $5.1 M of preferred equity from institutional investors.

Media Firm:
Financial consulting services for German media firm seeking to re-locate to the U.S., including financial analysis.

Telecommunications Technology:
Financial consulting services, and US representation, for Australian technology firm; general business planning.

Software Firm:
Financial adviser to Swiss-based software firm, developing marketing presence in the U.S., including financial analysis and general business planning.

Port Authority:
Financial consultant, structuring and placing two financings for development of new commercial/industrial projects.

Duluth Seaway Port Authority

Grocery Store chain:
Refinanced six grocery stores.

International Marketing:
International market expansion for U.S. technology firms entering the EU market


A health care delivery system, on-line and mobile, serving the cancer recovery community


Global Access Capital:
An international private equity group focused on developing funding and market entry for U.S. based transformative technologies into the Asia and Middle Eastern markets.

global access

Orluck Industries:

Hannover assisted Orluck in acquiring growth capital of over $4 million for expansion, including an overseas facility.

Enova Illumination:

Serving as financial advisor and Board Director, leading a $5-8 million capital raise, and assisting the company in developing strategic partnerships

Acquisition of Firm

Hannover served as financial consultant for Serochem LLC in its acquisition of ASA/TySOL Inc., a Minnesota firm engaged in chemical manufacturing and distribution.


Aplos Medical:

Serving this early-stage medical technology company as financial advisor, leading its capital raise, and assisting the company in developing its Financial Management System